We understand that selecting someone to do your Live Auction can very much be a critical factor in determining the success of the Fundraiser Event. We understand that all Auctioneers are not equal. We are Champion Award Winning Auctioneers. But more than that, we have the experience, the stage presence and know how to energize the crowd and gather the money. We love what we do and it shows. Even more, we understand the heart, the passion and the conveyance needed for making an event successful. It’s very important, and again critical to understanding the need and the importance in conveying that message to the audience in attendance. It’s knowing those “Magic Words” that can get them engaged, and getting them signing up so to speak to that appeal which can make all the difference. We are Benefit Auctioneer Specialists, we are committed to make each event personal, and all this leads to a recipe for a Successful Event. We “Specialize in Benefits” and “We can make a Difference” for you. Yes, it truly pays dividends to hire a Pro.

CMA Benefit Auctions is committed to Excellence and making your Benefit/Fundraiser the Very Best it can be and Strive to Provide First Class Comprehensive Services. Let us “Boost your Benefit" with...   

  • Champion Auctioneers
  • ​Ring Personal
  • ​Consulting
  • ​Timeline Determination
  • ​Fund-A-Need
  • ​Technology

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