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We also offer and provide consulting services for your Fundraiser Event. When starting a new Fundraiser it’s crucial to recognize the steps needed to get it started and then proceed with the building blocks needed to sustain success. We can help by giving you step by step directions that will get you on the right path. Have a Fundraiser that just seems to have leveled off after a number of years? Let us evaluate it and help energize it by putting new creative ideas in gear for you. Maybe you just need some new and vibrant energy or just some extra personal touch. Get Results! It takes just as much effort to be mediocre!     

Ring Personnel

Our Team knows how to facilitate an Effective and Efficient Fund-A-Need Appeal/Ask Donation to collect pure profit for your organization. You will be amazed at how it can add to the bottom line and how a pro can make that happen. Put our experience and engagement abilities to work at your Benefit/Fundraiser Event, again you’ll be pleased you did.

Champion Auctioneers



Timeline is not only very important in determining when and where the fundraiser should be held, but also how the lineup can have a huge effect on success. How the items are offered in the order in the catalog of the Live Auction, the design of your timeline, production, use of themes and how the event flows are all very important to the success of the event. For example, start that Live Auction with a Fun and engaging item. Never break momentum. Make it FUN!


CMA Benefit Auctions is committed to Excellence, making your Benefit/Fundraiser the “Very Best” it can be and strive to provide “First Class” comprehensive services.Let us “Boost Your Benefit!!”   


We offer top notch Ring Personal who will make a difference in energizing the crowd as needed. Large crowds at events can get noisy as well as get distracted during the Fundraiser. A good Ring Person can help reel them back and get them involved in the Live Portion of the Event. It can many times add up to hundreds of dollars, and yes even thousands of dollars gathered, by having Professional Ring Personal available.     

Our Team is comprised of proven Award Winning World Class Auctioneers and we have raised millions of dollars across the country. We very much understand the importance of delivering you the very best in bid-calling for the Live Auction portion of the Fundraiser. A Fundraiser's Major Goals; #1 - raise Funds and #2 - make it Fun! People love to be entertained and they will leave the Fundraiser Event saying “That was a Great Fundraiser with a Great Auctioneer”, and in turn will look forward to being back next year. That leads to Success and more money in the pockets of the Charity/Fundraiser Event. We have World/International Champion and State Champion Auctioneers on our Team and we are prepared, ready and are willing to make a difference for you and your Event. Make it the Very Best - Hire Our Team!   .

Timeline Determination

We have multi-station computerized cashiering/clerking and can provide needed additional technology options or recommendations to most events. Ask about our options. The right application of technology can add effectiveness, as well as needed settlement efficiency at the close of the Fundraiser Event.  

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